Pay to Play Award

After a thorough process of selecting and filtering the crème de la crème, We are very pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the Pay to Play Award. However to win this award there is a nominal sponsorship fee for receiving this award.

To win this award, you'll need to give the highest donation to Innocent Lives Foundation, a fantastic charity which aims to protect young people online from child trafficking and exploitation and helps bring perpetrators to justice.


Token Woman Award

How many of our top cyber women have been told you're just a diversity hire, or you'll walk into a role because of recruitment quotas?

This award is to salute you, ladies. We appreciate you all, but not just because you look great on a panel.


Top Snake Oil Hunter

For efforts combatting marketing buzzwords and broken vendor promises.

Salespeople and vendors touting "snake oil", the magic solution for all of your security woes, the silver bullet designed to cure all your cyber headaches in one fell swoop, seem to be all too common at the moment. The AI afficionados, the PKI pushers, the Quantum quacks… we're done with it.

So who do you think is doing the best job of hunting out these Snake Oil Sellers, calling them out on their bullsh*t and pushing customers towards sensible, cheaper and more effective solutions?


Thunk Leader

Like "thought leader", but we used an edgy word, like those cool Gen Z marketing kids do nowadays. Who in the industry is really bringing the innovations? The big thoughts? The hot takes?

There are some absolutely brilliant minds out there in cyber and we want to celebrate and appreciate them all.


Next Next Generation Machine Learning CISO

Artifical Intelligence isn't here yet, but that doesn't mean some of our security leaders aren't using their human intelligence to bring innovation to the field.

This award is for a hard working security leader with a modern approach, who doesn't need to rely on buzzwords to get their message across.


Best Cyber Ladybrain

We've seen so many "female forward" terms on social media recently. We've come up with our own award to celebrate those women in cyber who have managed to become leaders in their field, despite having a ladybrain.

Whether she's a sheoftware developer, a SHEEO, a shecurity tester, an academiss or a...saleswoman, we think she's awesome - and this award proves it.


Troll Hunter

This is award is celebrating people who have battled and hunted down the trolls with skill and finesse.

Too many professionals in infosec experience some form of trolling. A few brave souls go out of their way to identify and counter their attempts to try and preserve our happiness and sanity.

Nominate the person you feel has handled the trolls like a boss.


Closer of the Skills Gap

For reducing friction for those looking to join this fine industry. The Closer of the Skills Gap Award is for the top people out there who have been helping the noobs and mentoring the reskillers… the teachers among us helping shepherd new minds into the cyber field so we have a new generation of top thunk leaders for the future!


This isn't Facebook

This might not be Facebook, but that doesn't mean you can't release great content along side your great selfies. This award is for those people who produce great content, damn fine selfies, and they do it their way. Give them a little attention and nominate them for this award.


Bruce Willis of Responsible Disclosure

This award is for the security professional who has discovered vulnerabilities, breaches or security wrongdoings and gone armageddon on the company to force them to put it right.

No system is unbreakable and this person shows a sixth sense for underhand goings on. A die hard security advocate.


Power Browz

Some leaders gain followers through the strength of their words. Others gain folowers through the strength of their brow game. Their talk content, personality, and facial deterity make them a stand out player in the community.

Whether it's for their talks, webinars, seminars, or panel appearances - Nominate the person and their brows, who you think has the best we can steal their grooming tips.